As Law of Taste will soon enter its third year of existence, it was more than appropriate to start thinking of a new and improved logo for this toddler. Something minimal, yet recognizable and interesting is easier to think about than actually invent. Thanks to Ivan, we now have a new logo that we loved from the first view and we believe that you will love it too. We have grown from promo photos and industry news to more thorough reviews and quite Instagrammable photos (yes we know it is not a real word). Of course, Law of Taste needs and deserves to become even better, with more articles and professional photos (when you see a great photo here, please know that Luka spent his valuable time supporting us instead of doing a job that will actually pay his bills). Therefore, we will continue on dedicating even more of our free time to what we love best: beauty, fashion, lifestyle and good taste in general. Law of Taste has been completely unsponsored up to now and all products for reviews were funded by us and paid for with our regular job salaries. Although we wish this to change and for LOT to become a blog open for cooperations and occasional ads, all in accordance with our brand philosophy, we want to emphasize that our opinions will always be the most important factor and that we will review and edit each cooperation, as well as kindly reject anything that goes against our own personal belief and style reference. Last but definitely not least, you, our readers are what we value most and thank you for every view and like. Hope that you continue reading us and that you love our new logo!

Hugs and kisses,

Foxy & Cvrcak

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