Wishing you health, love and happiness in the New Year! As an apology for not posting recently, I return with a quick review of my former Friday Lust item: Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Palette, which unites a spectrum of nine pigment-packed powders with matte, satin and foil-effect textures in neutral and metallic shades for the ultimate sultry lid looks. After reading numerous reviews, I took a chance and purchased this lovely palette for app. 20 GBP (25 EUR). Although some have complained about its size, I simply adore that its size is a bit smaller as I use many eyeshadows and love to have many color options, without ever hitting the pan. Smokey Obsessions consists of 4 matte and 5 shimmery eyeshadows. Silver and gold shimmery ones have a foil effect and I recommend applying them with your fingers. All of the eyeshadows are extremely well pigmented and buttery soft. They blend extremely well and are long-lasting, however be aware that there is a slight fallout when applying them, so it would be best to apply the eyeshadows before your base/foundation. Smokey Obsessions is a great value for money and I am extremely pleased with its quality, buttery softness and strong pigment. Now, should I get the Mauve one as well? 🙂


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