Have I already talked about my obsession with Denver-blue mascara enough? After a long time of abstinence from blue eyelashes, finally there is a great colored mascara, for all us fans of brightly colored eyelashes.

In early spring, I announced the arrival of YSL Vinyl mascara and have been waiting and browsing through online shopping destinations for months. When it finally appeared, I just turned around to reach out for my credit card to pay, but when I clicked “Buy”, blue was already sold out. Also, it still can’t be seen nowhere in our perfumeries and drugstores. Fortunately, Cvrcak went to France and managed to catch it for us in the Duty Free Shop, priced even less than expected (28€).
Should I even talk about this amazing packaging? Luxury, transparent plastic box enables you to see the real mascara color and is topped with a gorgeous, heavy golden cap. The packaging is really a masterpiece of its own. YSL mascaras are always beautiful, but this is the most beautiful amongst all other pretty ones. YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils in 3 Extreme Blue has always been my favorite mascara and I have been a faithful user for more than ten years. My light eyelashes are naturally relatively long and curled, but they lack volume and density, so I’m constantly looking for dramatic mascara that will give them a false eyelash look, without damaging them.

Vinyl Couture Mascara Ingredients

For four years YSL had been developing a new mascara, after listening to the voices of young women of the new generation. Revolutionary, intense, super shiny color for lashes. The patented mascara formula gives lashes length, volume and curl with deep, saturated color. This liquid lash color frames eyes with high impact color like never before, without compromising the sleek volume, definition, and curl you crave. Shocking color from root to tip, these high-sheen vinyl mascaras ensure lashes make a strong statement with every wink.
Style a new lash look each day & every night
Style a new lash look each day & every night


Mascara Vinyl Couture can be worn alone or mix and match two shades to achieve a unique look. You can wear colored mascara on both your top and bottom lashes to make your eye color pop. Aubergine or purple mascara flatters brown or green eyes, blue mascara intensifies the baby blues, and green mascara look great with hazel eyes. If you are trying colored mascara for the first time, you may prefer a more blackened color such as green, aubergine, or hazel. Colored mascara is bold enough to wear alone, they keep the rest of your makeup simple. On the eyes, keep your shadows neutral and your eyeliner on the thinner side. Wear the trend in a subtle way by layering colored mascara over black on just the tips of the lashes. Wearing color on the bottom lashes only gives a similarly toned down effect. Mascara Vinyl Couture is infused with notes of mandarin, jasmine, and vanilla for a subtle scent.
YSL Vinyl Couture Blue
Curved Vinyl Couture mascara brush
Vinyl mascara brush has an excellent grip due to its weight and moderately curved shape. It is also slightly wider and longer than the Faux Cils mascara brush. The blue color of Faux Cils Extreme Blue is very similar to Vinyl Couture no. 5 I’m The Trouble Blue mascara, but at the same time it is stronger, deeper and more striking. It smells like the combination of jasmine and tangerine, but the smell quickly disappears. It gives my eyelashes gives lot of volume, it colors them extremely well and gives a bit of curl. I can’t comment if it will hold curl, as my lashes are naturally curled, but it is not a wet formula, so it is definitely worth a try. The formula is creamy, but not dry. Most colored mascaras rarely give any volume and sometimes not even enough color, but Vinyl mascara makes lashes visibly thicker, with the brightest blue that I had a chance of trying so far.
YSL Vinyl I'm the trouble
YSL Vinyl I’m the trouble

It does not clump and there is no spider-eye effect (not that I mind spider-leg lashes from time to time) and it lasts for over 12 hours. After 12-hour wear, I found one tiny bit of mascara on the upper eyelid, but all in all, an amazing durability for a non-waterproof mascara. It does however resist a light water splash, I haven’t checked its resistance to crying though. Usually I have to remove it with my two-phase cleanser, as micellar solution didn’t do its job with Vinyl mascara for me, I suppose because the pigments in it are extremely really strong and durable.

It did not cause my lashes to fall out, unlike some of the previous mascaras when I started using them. Haven’t been using it over a week, I can’t tell you yet if it dries too fast in the box, so I will have to get back at you with this info after 2-3 months usage. That will of course affect my decision whether I will buy it again. For now, I am sold. Also, if you don’t find it dramatic enough on day one of using it, please sleep on it and put it on again the next day. I do not know why, but the real beauty of this mascara comes to the surface after wearing it for a couple of days. Maybe it just takes little time to learn how to achieve the best effect with the brush. For now, YSL Vinyl Mascara I’m The Trouble is a total hit for me and a must-have for every true lover of blue eyelashes. I do not know how other colors of Vinyl mascara perform, but I can not wait to read the reviews, as there are not many yet.
YSL Vinyl Couture Blue mascara
YSL Vinyl Couture Blue mascara
What I liked:
  • strong, bright color
  • excellent all-round mascara
  • beautiful, distinctive and striking packaging
  • a new curved brush
  • that it is long-lasting on my lashes
What I did not like:
  • if you are a fan of a plain, black mascara and you are not inclined to experiment with eyelash color, skip this one, as it is mostly special because of its color range
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Have you ever tried a bright colored mascara and would you like to try Vinyl Couture?

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