You don’t need much time or money to decorate your home with a few Halloween DIY ornaments. Although I usually have grand ideas, they often turn out to be the simplest DIY projects that take only a couple of minutes and only a few things to make them.
This year I chose four extremely quick ideas: shadowy bats, paper ghosts, spider web and drowning marshmallows.
Shadowy bats
You need:
  • lamp with a shade
  • printer
  • bat model
  • scissors
  • scotch tape or pins, depending on the lamp

How to:
Print out a couple of bat models and cut them out precisely. Tape them or pin through the inner side of the lamp. Be careful not to ruin the lamp. Enjoy the atmosphere!
Paper ghosts
You need:
  • tissues
  • cotton wool or cotton pads
  • white thread
  • scissors
  • black marker

How to:
Take a piece of cotton wool, put it in the middle of a tissue and tie with white thread. Draw eyes and mouth with a black marker. You can put your ghosts on a stick or pencil, or tie them to a wool thread and hang wherever you want.
Spider web
You need:
  • big black trash bag
  • marker (blue, red or white)
  • scissors


How to:
Cut the trash bag in a square. Diagonally fold it 3 times to make a triangle. Draw marks with red, blue or white marker as in seen in the pic above. Cut out the scribbled parts and spread for a spider web that can be used inside or outside the house. You can also buy small plastic spiders and place them on the web with glue.
Drowning marshmallows
You need:
  • marshmallows
  • 1 bowl, cup or glass
  • black marker if they will only be a decoration or edible color marker if you plan to eat the marshmallows
  • tomato sauce, hot cocoa or chocolate, red paint


How to:
If you plan on making the marshmallows for decoration purposes, draw their eyes and mouth with black marker. In a bowl, mix water with tomato sauce or red paint. If you plan on eating them, draw the eyes and mouth with edible color marker and put them in hot cocoa or chocolate.



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